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Understanding Manufactured Home Certifications: A Guide from Mike's Complete Home Inspection

Exploring the Differences: Modular, Mobile, Homes

Modular Homes: These are akin to traditional stick-built homes but are constructed in sections within a controlled factory setting. Once assembled on-site, they are placed on permanent foundations and comply with standard building codes. They cannot be relocated after assembly.

Mobile Homes: Predecessors to manufactured homes, these were built before 1976, often with lower quality and without adherence to Federal or local standards.

Manufactured Homes: Post-1976 homes built under the HUD standards, these homes saw improvements in quality, safety, and energy efficiency. They display a certification label and are constructed on a permanent chassis in a manufacturing plant.

The HUD Code and Its Impact

What Changes Post-1976?

Manufactured homes built after June 15, 1976, meet HUD standards for safety, design, and installation. These standards, updated as of September 1996, focus on ensuring the homes' quality, durability, and affordability.

HUD Guidelines and Enforcement:

HUD's guidelines dictate the construction of manufactured homes, including their design and performance. These federal standards supersede state and local laws and apply to all manufactured homes produced post-June 1976. HUD's enforcement includes factory inspections, review of records, and imposing penalties for non-compliance.Nature of HUD's Program: HUD not only sets construction and safety standards but also regulates home installations, overseeing state programs and directly administering in states without such systems. The statute prohibits the sale of homes not meeting these standards, with possible civil and criminal penalties for violations.

HUD Permanent Foundation Inspection:

This inspection is crucial to determine if the home is securely tied down, ensuring it won’t float off its foundation and that it has adequate drainage to prevent flooding.

Engineering Inspections of Additions: Additions like decks and porches are subject to state/local construction codes and aren’t regulated by HUD standards. Additions can affect a home's compliance with HUD Standards.

Partnership for Affordable and Timely Certifications: Mike's Complete Home Inspection has partnered with state licensed structural engineers to offer affordable and timely Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications. This collaboration ensures that your home not only meets all necessary safety standards but also adheres to legal requirements, providing peace of mind and facilitating smooth transactions.

At Mike's Complete Home Inspection, we aim to provide comprehensive information and services for your manufactured home needs. Understanding these classifications and standards is crucial for homeowners, buyers, and sellers in making informed decisions about their properties.

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